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Toronto ON home for sale real estate

Welcome to a new type of brokerage. A digital-first, client-focused experience led by agents who legitimately care about the goals of their clients and the success of the team. Crescent is rooted in a partnership that goes beyond familial bond, is built from mutual experience that takes guidance from heritage and legacy, and has a fixedness of purpose that shines through every action.

What does this all mean for our clients and our employees? We're here to build trust, accountability, and respect by grounding ourselves in our morals and values. These values translate directly to how we conduct business, and dictate our vision for the continued growth and success of Crescent Real Estate.





Taking its root from the Latin word crescere, which means "to grow", Crescent brings a similar theme to our brokerage – increasing and growing. We look to our agents to deliver an increasingly valuable real estate experience with a focus on not only growing the market, but your expectations as well.

There are 3 ways for a new company to gain momentum: be first to market, compete on price, or disrupt the status quo. We comfortably take on the third option. Sure, we'll still buy and sell residential real estate like they do, but we'll innovate through unparalleled services with a focus on value.

Crescent Real Estate helps clients succeed. Period. Buying, selling, leasing, renting, or property development, we're your trusted partner and we bring the vast experience of all of our agents to the table. When you work with one of our agents, you're working with the entire Crescent team.

     MEET OUR TEAM     

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Gus Skarlatakis
Broker of Record

Volodymyr (Walter) Sheptytsky
Sales Representative

Patrick Hare
Sales Representative

Alex Rulff
Sales Representative

Mark Derry
Sales Representative

Cielito Lindo Kahano Parone
Sales Representative

Alfred Inacio
Sales Representative

Juli Zäll
Sales Representative

Shawn Lopes

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